Jan 312020

Sometimes we at Hiller Associates feel that we are the lone voice crying aloud in the wilderness:

“Prepare the way of the profit!

Make the cost straight.”

Today, we would like to any person to the discussion: Masayuki Wakamatsu (Masa to his friends).  He is the managing partner at the newly formed Wakamatsu Consulting, specializing in operational improvement, including cost topics.   Masa and Eric worked together at McKinsey & Company, where Masa was an engagement manager and even a design-to-value expert for a while.

Masa’s firm also offers a unique ability that some in which some of our clients may find very useful.  Being native Japanese (and an excellent fluent English speaker, well versed in US business), he can offer servicing bridging Western business and their Japanese sourcing and partners.

Masa just published an article on his blog you should check out:

Should cost – Top 5 key success factors

(click above to check it out!)

In it, Masa lists some of the most common points where a lot of companies fail at PCM (and how to succeed instead).  We often encountered these challenges with our clients at McKinsey, and we have at Hiller Associates, too.

Welcome Masa!



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