Nov 232012

Today we take a break from corporate Product Cost Management to personal PCM.  I know that I should do this Black Friday thing to myself, but I enjoy the competition and the hunt.  It’s in my blood, I guess, and it’s the closest thing we normal people get to stepping into the Octagon.

I have been planning my attack for tomorrow.  You may know this stuff, but… here’s my advice.

  1. Check Amazon first!
    • You may find it for the same price (although often the BF prices at the store are cheaper)
    • You can check the quality of the items to see if you want to buy the items or a better alternative at a different store or Amazon.
  1. Order Online – Almost all the major stores are giving FREE shipping, and/or free in stores pick-up. This is especially helpful for people who are out of town at for Thanksgiving.  Ship it to the store near you an pick it up if you are afraid leaving the box on your porch.
  1. Use – ebates works for almost every major store (except Amazon) and is very legitimate (if you have never used it before). They are giving DOUBLE rebates at a lot of stores. This is 6-8% back at most stores – some up to 10%!  All you do is sign up for a free account, search for your store and click-thru to the actual website
  1. Eric’s ALL NEW attack strategy
    • Order online in the morning first, for any item you can.
    • Then go to stores for stuff you have to try on to see if you want it. And, it will be later so the lines and traffic will be gone.
    • Go home and order the stuff you tried on, online.
  1. Tactical trips  
    • NO CARTS – Take backpack / shopping bag
    • Use non-main aisles
    • Game face – look like you stepped out of the latest Assassins Creed video game and people will move out of your way
    • Stay away from crowds and confuse looking people ambling aimlessly.
    • Muay-Thai style – throw elbows and knees… just joking.  Be nice, everyone else is just as flustered as you.
  1. Delay? Rumor has it that many items like TVs and electronics will be even cheaper after Christmas.


That’s it. I hope it works for you.  Let me know how it turned out and Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 052012


Last week, Hiller Associates published an article in Tech-Clarity with the title:


Here’s an outline of the article:

  • Siemens PLM recently bought Perfect Costing Solutions from Tsetinis & Partner.  What does this mean?
  • To answer this, let’s first ask, what IS Product Cost Management and what does PCM software really “do”?
  • Now that we know what PCM software really does, who would value this in the Enterprise Software world?
  • There are look’s of possible categories of enterprise software that could value PCM software, but the most likely are PLM and ERP.
  • Product Cost Management software  is really a bridge linking the engineering language of physical things to the rest of the organization (purchasing, supply chain, finance, manufacturing, etc.) who primary speak the financial language of dollars.
  • If independent PCM software companies are not bought by a large PLM or ERP player, what are the other possible options for their future?

Here’s a teaser diagram from the article, just because who doesn’t like maps?

Product Cost Management Bridge from PLM to ERP Hiller Associates

Click to Enlarge! The position of PCM Software in the Enterprise World


My thanks to Jim Brown and Tech-Clarity for the publishing platform to discuss this subject – Eric Arno Hiller

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