About the Firm



Hiller Associates is a consulting firm that helps clients become more profitable our areas of expertise. We believe in helping our clients make real progress, not only in the short term, but with a long term view for future improvements. We also leverage a network of partners, including experts and other professional service organizations, to help provide the best outcome for our clients.  Hiller Associates focuses on two types of clients: 

1. Manufacturing companies over $100M and

2. Software or physical product companies over $10M in revenue.

Hiller Associates helps discrete manufacturing companies reduce product cost, whether the product is before or after launch. We call this Product Cost Management. We have helped many Fortune 1000 clients each save tens of millions of dollars through our PCM engagements.


The Two Sides of the Profit Coin:  Revenue & Product Cost

Product Cost

Everyone knows that 80% of a product’s profitability is determined in the first 20% of product development decisions… and yet most companies spend 90% of their profitability efforts AFTER launch. HA helps manufacturing companies as the world’s leading Product Cost Management experts.  We put in place the culture, process, tools, and people needed to deliver the target profit margin WHEN your product launches, not years afterward.   Furthermore, if your company does have products that are not as profitable as you would like today, we regularly help companies post-launch with PCM and VA/VE techniques.

Revenue and Innovative Products

The other side of the profit coin is revenue, which comes from bringing the RIGHT product to market. We offer product management, inbound marketing, product demo development, and product & company business plan development. Whether you are selling a Venture Capitalist, a business, or a consumer, we will help you ensure that you know what the customer wants, that you deliver it, and that you make the customers aware the product is available.

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