The following organizations partner or have partnered with Hiller Associates in the past to provide value to clients.


P3 – international management consulting and innovative engineering services. The experts for the automotive, aviation, telecommunication and energy fields.


Reshoring Initiative

The Reshoring Initiative, founded by Harry Moser in 2010, is an industry-led effort to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. The initiative works with U.S. manufacturers to help them recognize their profit potential as well as the critical role they play in strengthening the economy by utilizing local sourcing and production.


CGN Global

CGN is a private, global business performance consulting firm with a presence in the USA, China, India, Netherlands, and United Kingdom. We are performance partners with some of the world’s most admired corporations and work with their business leaders to help them unleash the hidden potential within their organizations and compete in the global marketplace.   We do this by creating adaptive business models-continually enabling them to respond, innovate, and lead through solutions derived from our non-traditional approaches to management consulting.   For over two decades, CGN has worked with leading Fortune 500 companies on their projects worldwide and delivered high-velocity, high-value, sustainable solutions.   CGN’s services span manufacturing, financial services and government sectors. Our highly qualified and skilled talent is known best for delivering high value to investment ratio for clients. We are driven by our culture of ‘a company of leaders’ who are empowered to proactively serve the clients.   Among clients who have engaged us are Archer Daniels Midland, Caterpillar, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, IBM, Navistar International and such leading brands in automation, manufacturing and financial services.

aPriori (Re-seller and Partner)

aPriori provides the world’s only product cost management software that can cost products automatically and directly from the product’s 3D solid CAD model.  aPriori software generates hard-dollar product cost savings for discrete manufacturing organizations. Using aPriori’s real-time product cost assessments, employees in sourcing, manufacturing and design engineering make more-informed decisions that drive costs out of products pre- and post-production. 

Hiller Associates consults to aPriori, and will also resell the software.


Mike Philpott Design

With over 30 years of design and manufacture experience in industry and academia, and over 50 related publications, Dr. Philpott provides services on behalf of Hiller Associates as one of the world’s foremost authorities in the areas of Cost Modeling, Design-to-Cost, Design-for-Manufacture, and Design-for-Assembly. He is a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and also the Chief Scientist of aPriori

Sebastian Schrader Consulting

Sebastian Schrader is one of the top experts in the world in the areas of CAD API development, integration of CAD applications with 3rd party applications (including CAE/CAM), and feature extraction. He has worked on integrations for all major CAD systems, including Pro/Engineer, Catia, Siemens NX, Autodesk Inventor, and SolidWorks. In addition, he specializes in translation technologies, such as Spatial, and universal CAD formats, such as STEP. Beyond his specialization in CAD development, he helps Hiller Associates with general development needs.


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