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Product Management and Inbound Marketing

Product Go-to-Market Messaging

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Cost Modeling



Product Cost Management


Hiller Associates helps discrete manufacturing companies reduce product cost, whether the product is before or after launch. We call this Product Cost Management. We have helped many Fortune 1000 clients each save tens of millions of dollars through our PCM engagements


Organizations are always interested in reducing product cost, but the economy in recent years has put new urgency to managing costs. The people at Hiller Associates can join, advise, participate, or even lead your efforts in Cost Management. We work with your team to help set realistic goals, create the plan to execute, choose the right technology to help, and implement.

  • Change management and building a cost and profit conscious culture.
  • Building cost management into your Product Lifecycle Management Processes
  • DFM – Design for Manufacturing
  • DFA – Design for Assembly
  • DTC – Design to Cost
  • DFP – Design for Procurement
  • VA/VE – Value Analysis / Value Engineering
  • DFSS – Design for Six Sigma
  • Cost Targeting
  • Should Cost / Price
  • Make Buy
  • Capital Asset Justification
  • Commodity Pricing
  • Spend Analytics


Product Management and Inbound Marketing


Great products happen with great planning and product management… not just at beginning of the product development process, but throughout launch and service.  Hiller associates can review your product management processes and help you adjust and improve with a ‘whole product’ approach

  • Customer Research
  • Use Cases, Task Scenarios
  • Functional Specification
  • Design of Product Documentation
  • Product Development
  • Building Product Demonstrations

Product Go-To-Market Messaging

It’s important, not only to know what your customer wants (inbound marketing), but to make the customer clearly aware that you have delivered the value they need in your product.    This is especially important with complex products, such as software.  A picture IS worth a thousand words, but a short screen video is worth 10,000.  For example, please view the video to the right made by Hiller Associates to support the project.


Business Plan Development and Funding


Whether you are a small organization focusing on one product, or a large firm planning the next product to fuel growth, you need a business plan to clarify and communicate the value of the project to yourself and others.  Hiller Associates can help you move from a place where only you understand the value your idea will bring, to a new place where potential investors, partners, team members, and customers will understand that value, as well.  

  • Business plan development
  • Revenue plans and financial pro-formas
  • Funding pitches and presentation creation
  • Indentifying the right type of investor for your company and getting an opportunity to present




  • Review and improvement of cost modeling and management strategies
  • Cost Modeling of discrete manufacturing processes
  • Feature Based Costing
  • Parametric Costing
  • Statistical Cost Model
  • Mechanistic Cost Modeling
  • Technology selection for cost modeling and costing

Cost Modeling


The right decision is often easy to make if you have the right data. When it comes to cost, it can be difficult to see the truth clearly. Hiller Associates has been working in the field of accurate, robust, and expedient cost modeling for over a decade. We can help you get the right numbers that provide the clearest vision into what is and is NOT profitable.

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