May 202013

In the last few weeks, there has been a hearty discussion on this blog about controlling costs before versus after a product launches.  This got us thinking about this situation, we thought that it could be plumbed to greater depth.

Therefore, Hiller Associates is proud to announce its latest article in IndustryWeek, entitled:

If Your Company Does Product Cost Reductions, It’s Already Too Late

If you would like to read the article, click the link above to go to  Later in the week, we will post the article, in it’s entirety, on this blog.



  3 Responses to “If Your Company Does Product Cost Reductions, It’s Already Too Late”

  1. Moderator re-posting linked-in comment from here:

    George Spiller SAYS:

    ost companies wish to believe that they are controlling cost before launch. When you finally work for a company like Magna who consistently grows and is the most profitable in their segment you see the difference. One of the most visible signs is that the plant
    controller spends more than 1/2 of his working day worrying about whether we are making a future profit. In manufacturing plants operating in historic fashion the accounting group spend most of their time adjusting the accumulated expenses to meet “the number”

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