Sep 142020

Good afternoon operational improvement afficionados!

This week our managing director Eric Hiller published another piece about operational improvement and how to bring principles from Lean, Six Sigma, and VAVE into the discussion, specifically when engaging executives in an operational transformation.

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Eric Hiller Leverages Lean Six Sigma to Discuss Seeing the Forest, not the Trees by Using Lean Six Sigma to Enhance Procurement


Aug 272020
The biggest mistakes executives make in design-to-value and product cost management

Eric Hiller is moonlighting on us again! This time he’s back on one of his favorite subjects, or at least two of them: Product cost management Design-to-value. Although there are 1001 ways to fail at the tactical level of the project in either of these methodologies, it turns out that a lot of times these Read More!

Aug 252020

Hello operational improvement fans! Apparently Eric hiller is cheating on us these days with his own personal website ( But, we are still happy to pass on his work to you.  He just wrote a new piece for called: Eric Hiller Provides Operational and Process Improvement Tips This article is targeted toward executives and Read More!

Aug 072020
Eric Hiller published the first comprehensive product review of Galorath's SEER Suite

Good morning again, product and service cost management aficionados, You’ve been waiting for it for awhile I’m sure ! Who doesn’t wait with bated breath for the next installment of knowledge in the product cost management world?  Our founder, Eric Hiller, has been very busy with a lot of things lately, but he just completed Read More!

Jul 022020
5 Questions for Better Cost Management Discussions (Industry Week Series Part 1)

Hello Cost Management aficionados! We have an exciting new series that our managing partner, Eric Hiller, is writing for Industry Week, who has eagerly accepted all the content.   The series is all about how an executive (and other people who are not cost experts) can understand what the cost management team is communicating.  The first Read More!

Jun 092020
aPriori -- PCM / Spend Analytics Solution Profile

Hello again cost management aficionados! Spend Matters just published Eric Hillers’s next deep dive on cost management tools — this time on the article reviewing aPriori.  They decided to break it into 2 articles.  The first one went up on June 8 It is behind their paywall, so you will only see a teaser Read More!

May 202020
WEBINAR Thursday, May 28.  Sign-up for free!

    Recently, our managing partner, Eric Hiller, published an article at aPriori’s website called:  6 STEPS TO OVERCOMING THE SUPPLY CHAIN CRISIS The response was so good, that aPriori is having Eric teach as part of a webinar on the subject.   Webinar Description:  The COVID-19 pandemic has created workforce disruptions that have paralyzed manufacturers Read More!

May 192020
What will COVID-19 cost higher education?

COVID-19 has cost a lot of people, governments, businesses, and non-profits.   It has also broken down a lot of mental barriers for things that just “couldn’t be done” and slaughtered a lot of sacred cows.  And what cows are more sacred than the ivory towers of academia?   What is going to happen to education, especially Read More!

May 062020
Corona Supply Chain Blues -- what to do about cost, when delivery is a problem

The old world… So, you had a supply chain, and you thought it was pretty “optimized.” Yeah, you could improve it here and there, but you had wrung out 95%+ of the addressable waste. To really make progress, you would need to make MAJOR changes (new suppliers, locations, etc.), but there just is always other Read More!

Apr 302020
Mission critical cost management during Corona:  your local pub

Much of the time here at Hiller Associates, we focus on the “Product” in cost management.  But, cost management is just a pertinent to services as well. Our managing partner, Eric Hiller just published an article on the effect that Corona virus has had bars in a cities and the people associated with them. Check Read More!

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