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aPriori Expands Into Costing of Electronic Products

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Using Digital Factories to Model Supply Chain Changes


Eric Hiller examines Covid 19 effect on higher education

aPriori Expands Into Costing of Electronic Products 6 STEPS TO OVERCOMING THE SUPPLY CHAIN CRISIS

Eric Hiller Analyses Emergency Situation Facing Chicago Bars and Pubs

Bringing up Baby, the Lean and Agile Way

Three Sheets to the Wind! — How the supply chain for toilet paper works and why people need to stop worrying during Corona Virus times
Image result for before its news logo Eric Hiller Provides a Simple Blueprint to Invest After the Market Crash
Tuesday March 23, 2020 — Design-to-Value class and Q&A session

March 2020 – Spend Matters: What’s the Price: Expert product cost management vendor review — a PRO Collab brief


December 2019 – Spend Matters: The evolution of product cost management tools and the state of the art (Part 2):  the 2nd revolution
December 2019 – Spend Matters: The evolution of product cost management tools and the state of the art (Part 1)
October 2019 – Supply Chain Brain:  Calculating Total Cost in Owenership in the Age of Big Tariffs 
IW_Logo October 2019 – Dullsville Just Got Interesting
November 2017 – McKinsey Operations Extranet: Make cost saving continuous for years to come
November 2017 – McKinsey Operations Extranet: When the price isn’t right: Using should-costs to reduce does-costs
October 2017 – McKinsey Operations Extranet:  What should it cost?
October 2017 – McKinsey Operations Extranet: Why does it cost so much?
IW_Logo  June 2014 –  Relative Cost Power – How to Not Know the Cost of Your Products and Win Negotiations Anyway
engineering.com_logo_new_tagline  March 2014 –   SEER Composites Brings Cost Estimating to CATIA
engineering.com_logo_new_tagline January 2014 –   Who’s got the BOM? Summary: Government control of the nuclear football
engineering.com_logo_new_tagline  January 2014 –   Opposing Forces in your BOM
engineering.com_logo_new_tagline  January 2014 –   Form, Fit, and Function – A Framework for your Bill of Material
engineering.com_logo_new_tagline  January 2014 –  Dr. Strangepart: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BOM
engineering.com_logo_new_tagline July 2013 –  Comparing Quote Apples with Estimate Oranges
IW_Logo May 2013 – If Your Company Does Product Cost Reductions, It’s Already Too Late
February 2013 – IndustryWeek.comProduct Selection vs. Product Development (What the product development team can learn from shopping on
aP_logo January 2012 – aPriori – Hiller Associates is Key Speaker at aPriori’s Customer Product Cost Conference  GET THE PRESENTATION FOR FREE!
  October 2012 –  Your Should-cost Number is Wrong, But It Doesn’t Matter.  This article has sparked a lot of lively discussion on linked-in groups (you can read it here ).
   August 2012 —  The Voice Of Should-Cost (Part 3)
 August 2012 —  The Voices Of Discord In Product Cost Management (Part 2)
 August 2012 — Do You Hear The Voices? (Part 1)
 June 2012 — Product Design & Development:  What’s in a Product Cost Part 1 — Grand Theft Auto [Capital]
   October 2011 — Tech-Clarity on PLM:  Product Cost a Priority? Not Now, I’m Busy
   July 2008 —  Creating a Profit-Centric Business Culture
   February 2007 —  The Fundamental Dimensions of a Cost Model
 February 2007 —   eBay and Bob — Cost Model Methodology (Cost Modeling — Part 1 of 3)
 February 2007 —  The Oracle of Delphi — Emperical/Statistical Models (Cost Model Methodology Part 2 of 3)
   February 2007 —   Elementary, My Dear Watson — Mechanistic Models (Cost Modeling Methodology Part 3 of 3)
   January 2007 —   What Product Cost Models Are Not — Mythbusting
   January 2007 —   Product Cost Models — An Introduction
   January 2007 —   The Fourth F
   January 2007 —   What’s The Language of Your Business?



Press Releases From the Founder of aPriori

The following following press releases were written by the HA founder, Eric Hiller, or about aPriori during the period when Eric was Chief Product Officer.


The Initial Academic Foundation Upon Which Model Product Cost Management Grew

Parametric Cost Modeling, An Application to Sheet Metal, Masters Thesis, University of Illinois, 1997


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