Oct 162019

OK, Hiller Associates is back in the saddle again!     And, we have a our latest article posted in: 




Dullsville Just Got Interesting

by Eric Arno Hiller
The most boring parts of cost analytics are the difference between success and failure.

 “What does this mean?”

That’s an excellent question and one that a purchasing professional should be asking any time they receive a quote from a supplier or a cost analysis from their Product Cost Management team.  Sadly, however, many times, purchasing professionals don’t even vocalize this question to themselves, much less to their analytics teams, even after the analysis is presented. Instead, they just feel uneasy and uncertain about the validity of the cost analysis.  This is a dangerous position, because once the supplier smells that lack of confidence in a negotiation, it’s all over. … read more!

That’s just a teaser, as is this simplified diagram.

Curious?  Yes, you are.  To learn why everyone is confused about what your cost estimate means, after your team spent so much time calculating it, read more here!



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