Jan 292013


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Jan 162013
Where is "The DARPA Study"?!

It’s one of the most famous studies in the world of product development and probably the most famous study in the history of Product Cost Management.  It was done in the 1960’s (reportedly) by DARPA (The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States Government).  It’s so famous that it is typically referred Read More!

Jan 022013
Cost of Quality:  Defined by Equation, But Not By Graph?

I was just reading a really interesting article by Matthew Littlefield called Cost of Quality Definition.  I applaud the article for several reasons.  It is straightforward, clear, and short.  I especially like that Matthew acknowledged that Cost of Quality is not only in negative things that are avoided (warranties, recalls, scrap, etc.), but also that Read More!

Dec 182012
New!   Product Cost Management Survey – Participate now!!!

  Hiller Associates has teamed up with CIMdata , a global leader in Product Lifecycle Management consulting and PLM industry analyst coverage to bring you the first annual Product Cost Management Survey. It takes less than 10 minutes and you will be rewarded by receiving a free copy of the results and report of the Read More!

Dec 102012
Design-to-Value versus Design-to-Cost versus Minimum Viable Product

I just read an article on the site “Strategy + Business” called Building Cars by Design.  It caught my eye for two reasons.  First, the fact that a strategy site would deign to talk about engineering concepts was a pleasant surprise.  Second, the article discussed Design-to-Cost and Design-to-Value. If we strip off the automotive context, Read More!

Dec 032012
Should your kids go into manufacturing – CNN says... NO.

A couple of weeks ago, AJ Sweat posted his article entitled Guess What, Kids? You Don’t Really Want A Job In Manufacturing, which is AJ’s analysis of CNN’s Best Jobs in America.  His lament is obvious – apparently manufacturing was not considered in this list, or it was, and it just was not desirable.    This Read More!

Nov 052012

  Last week, Hiller Associates published an article in Tech-Clarity with the title: PRODUCT COST MANAGEMENT AS A LINK BETWEEN ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS Here’s an outline of the article: Siemens PLM recently bought Perfect Costing Solutions from Tsetinis & Partner.  What does this mean? To answer this, let’s first ask, what IS Product Cost Management and what Read More!

Oct 292012
Your Should-cost Number is Wrong, But It Doesn’t Matter

Last week Hiller Associates published an article on Should-cost in one of the leading online magazines for manufacturing companies, IndustryWeek.com.   Below is a synopsis  of the article.  However, you may want to just read the article here: Your Should-cost Number is Wrong, But It Doesn’t Matter Should cost is not perfect, but it does not matter, because Read More!

Sep 112012
Siemens buys Perfect Costing Solutions (Tsetinis)

Today is a day of solemn remembrance for Americans and many around the world who remember the 9-11 attack on the the United States of America.  However, there is at least one person who likely quite happy today for a very different reason: Andreas Tsetinis.    Andreas is the Founder and CEO of Perfect Costing Read More!

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