Mar 202020
Want to learn about how Design-to-Value (DtV) can deliver millions in savings and growth to your company?   
Running out of Netflix B-rated shows, as you self-quarantine from Corona?    
Well, you’re in luck!    
Eric Hiller, Managing Partner, of Hiller Associates and one of the top practitioners of DtV in the world is giving a 1-hour seminar and Q&A through GLG Research on Design-to_Value.  (we’ll also talk a bit about should-cost, as well).  
Please go here to sign-up and pass this link and info onto all of your friends that care about Product Cost Management, as well!
CLICK HERE to register for the free webinar and Q&A
Mar 192020
Size and weight(ing) does matter  -- how Biden and Sanders both did better than expected on Super Tuesday

There is an old saying that ignorance is bliss, and perhaps you’re one of the people in America that is blissfully ignorant of politics. If you are, God bless you, although, I suppose you shouldn’t be voting. However, if you are interested in politics, you may be wondering what exactly happened on Super Tuesday; I Read More!

Mar 092020
What's the Price (WTP) -- PCM / Spend Analytics Solution Profile

Hello again cost management aficionados! I would like to announce the first in my series of deep dive profiles on specific product cost management software solutions. You all may remember that I did a two-part series on the history and landscape of PCM and Spend Analytics solutions with our good friends over at in Read More!

Feb 032020
Lyft v.s. Uber -- what if you're driving Lyft as a company?

Ride-hail is not going away, but it must to get profitable. You can try to “grow to profitability”, but as was have learned in the past, that is a risky proposition.

Uber is expanding, but it is already bigger than Lyft. Is that strategy profitable, and if it is, is there enough room for two players in it. Simultaneously, the path to profitability is getting harder with cities pushing back on Lyft and Uber, and as Lyft and Uber attract new customers, they may be less profitable riders. Consider another option: an alternative targeted and differentiated strategy

Jan 222020
When life gives you lemons, make a lemon slushy in Iceland  -- a tale of airport operational failures and hope

As a consultant, I am sadly, no stranger to extensive travel, and the inevitable hassles and pains that come with it.  Nor, as a resident 24 years in Central Illinois, 10 in Boston, 5 in Detroit, and 6 in Chicago, am I a novice to how to handle bitter winter conditions.  However, recently, my wife Read More!

Dec 192019
Part 2 of 2:  SpendMatters article:  The evolution of product cost management tools and the state of the art

Yesterday, we announced the first of 2 new articles in!   They discussed the histor, and growth of the market of Product Cost Management software and the state of the art today.  Normally, Eric would have made us hold of to tease you on part 2, owing to his steely Krampus and Grinch-like heart.  Read More!

Dec 182019
New Part 1 of 2:  SpendMatters article:  The evolution of product cost management tools and the state of the art

Hiller Associates is pleased to announce a new article in! Spend Matters plucky founder, Jason Busch was having a conversation with our founder, Eric Arno Hiller, about the growth of the market of Product Cost Management software and the state of the art today.  Well, that is chicken soup to Eric’s soul.  It’s a TWO-part Read More!

Nov 042019
New SupplyChainBrain article: Calculating Total Cost of Ownership in the Age of Big Tariffs

Hiller Associates is pleased to announce its first article in SupplyChainBrain!  As usual, it’s on a most fascinating of topics… well at least to us:   Tariffs and their effects on your products. Here’s a teaser: (but, if you’re just impatient, click here) Total cost of ownership (TCO) was popularized by Gartner in the 1980s. The basic Read More!

Oct 172019
ILL-IN... WHAT?!  The vexing performance history of Illinois Football

For the impatient:  To see the analysis of Illinois Football, CLICK HERE! Download the analysis here: ============================================================== Sometimes you just have to step away from helping clients with design-to-value teardowns and ideation and Product Cost Management to consider the less fortunate.  In this case, the less fortunate include our Managing Partner, Eric Arno Hiller, and Read More!

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