Dec 182019

Hiller Associates is pleased to announce a new article in! Spend Matters plucky founder, Jason Busch was having a conversation with our founder, Eric Arno Hiller, about the growth of the market of Product Cost Management software and the state of the art today.  Well, that is chicken soup to Eric’s soul.  It’s a TWO-part series, so read this one and look for the next very soon!

Here’s a teaser: (but, if you’re just impatient, click here)

A lot has happened in the world of procurement software in the last 20 years. Purchasing has added a lot of new tools to what was mostly a relationship-focused discipline. These developments include:

  • Data-rich environments of spreadsheets, MRP and ERP systems
  • Supply chain management and supplier relationship management systems
  • Online auctions
  • Spend analytics tools/product cost management (PCM) software

Although the relationship side of the business is just as important as ever (some might say more important), purchasing analytics are here to stay, and they continue to become more prevalent in the discipline. The same is true for product cost management tools and their offshoots of service cost management tools. In this series, I am going to discuss the evolution of these tools and the state of the art.

Our roadmap to this journey through time and technology is shown in Figure 1….

Curious?  Yes, you are.  To learn about what softwares are on the market today, what they can (and can’t do) and how they can generate impact for your company,read more here!



Nov 042019
New SupplyChainBrain article: Calculating Total Cost of Ownership in the Age of Big Tariffs

Hiller Associates is pleased to announce its first article in SupplyChainBrain!  As usual, it’s on a most fascinating of topics… well at least to us:   Tariffs and their effects on your products. Here’s a teaser: (but, if you’re just impatient, click here) Total cost of ownership (TCO) was popularized by Gartner in the 1980s. The basic Read More!

Oct 172019
ILL-IN... WHAT?!  The vexing performance history of Illinois Football

For the impatient:  To see the analysis of Illinois Football, CLICK HERE! Download the analysis here: ============================================================== Sometimes you just have to step away from helping clients with design-to-value teardowns and ideation and Product Cost Management to consider the less fortunate.  In this case, the less fortunate include our Managing Partner, Eric Arno Hiller, and Read More!

Nov 212017
What should it cost? (Eric publishes on the McKinsey & Company Ops Extranet)

Hello all!   As some of you may know, I joined McKinsey & Company a little over two years ago as an expert in their Product Development Design-to-Value practice.  (Don’t tell anyone, but I do a lot of work for clients in the purchasing space, too!). It’s been a whirlwind of a couple years, but I Read More!

Jun 052014
Relative Cost Power - How to not know the cost of your products and win negotiations, anyway

NEW ARTICLE in by Hiller Associates Synapsis:  No matter how badly you think you are pinned down in a pricing negotiation, there are always tools for leverage that can help you improve your position. Relative should costing is one of these powerful tools. To read the article at, click here. Or, you can Read More!

May 142014
That can’t be right!?  (Linearity and Discontinuity in Pricing and Costing)

Have you ever walked into a dining room with several pictures and seen that one picture that is not hanging parallel to the floor? If you’re a recovering engineer like me, you feel an overwhelming urge to correct the problem. You just can’t be comfortable until the frame is in alignment… unless you find your Read More!

Mar 202014
SEER Composites Brings Cost Estimating to CATIA

Hiller Associates posted the following article at ENGINEERING.COM yesterday.  You can read it there at this link, or just keep reading below! ============================================================= Another solid piton in the cliff of making product cost mainstream in CAD / PLM Products? CATIA users can now get a faster and more effective way to design and source composites Read More!

Mar 182014
DFM Summit with Design-to-Cost Panel Thursday March 20!

  If you are in the New York area and interested in product profit, you should attend the DFM Summit which is THIS THURSDAY MARCH 20?  The event includes sessions on distributed manufacturing, Design-to-Cost, Industrial Design, and networking.   Design-to-Cost Panel The design-to-cost panel will include the following panelists: Jon Hirschtick is the founder and Read More!

Jan 292014
Opposing Forces in your Bill of Materials

We received the following question about Bills of Material (BOMs) from a product development manager: QUESTION: “How does one balance the need of a BOM to be expedient and fast for real world use, while still trying to make an investment in a universal and reusable bomb?” That’s a great question for product development teams. Read More!

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