May 202013

In the last few weeks, there has been a hearty discussion on this blog about controlling costs before versus after a product launches.  This got us thinking about this situation, we thought that it could be plumbed to greater depth.

Therefore, Hiller Associates is proud to announce its latest article in IndustryWeek, entitled:

If Your Company Does Product Cost Reductions, It’s Already Too Late

If you would like to read the article, click the link above to go to  Later in the week, we will post the article, in it’s entirety, on this blog.


May 062013
A Product Cost Management Post to Upset Everyone!

In last week’s post we talked about where Product Cost Management sits in the organization . We concluded that Product Cost Management lives in a weird no man’s land between purchasing, engineering, finance, and manufacturing. Because the area is a wilderness, we used the analogy the people seriously pursuing Product Cost Management in companies are Read More!

Apr 292013
The Rangers of the Wilds – Where does product cost management live in the organization?

If you are a Product Cost Management person with an inner nerd like us, then you probably love and the Lord of the Rings trilogy by JRR Tolkien. One of the iconic characters in the book is the king in exile, wondering the wilds as a Robin Hoodesque type of character, a man named Aragorn. Read More!

Apr 222013
Project Cost Management vs. Product Cost Management

  Good Morning PCM world, Another reader sent in questions with respect to the article 2012 revenues of the Product Cost Management market.   However, this question was a little more broad:   Is there any difference between Project cost management and Product cost management from your your point of view? That’s a very simple Read More!

Apr 172013
2012 Product Cost Management Revenue Assumptions

  Hello Internet and Product Cost Management industry! We’ve had strong interest in our latest article on the 2012 revenues of the Product Cost Management market. There have been several good questions that have made us want to clarify some of the assumptions in the analysis, so that people are clear on what is and Read More!

Apr 152013
2012 Revenues in the Product Cost Management Software Market

Hiller Associates received a question this week from a business school asking us what the revenue of the product cost management market is. That was a very interesting question, and one that we have thought about before. However, we’ve never actually sat down to think about the question formally. So rather than answer the person privately, we Read More!

Mar 182013
You want to be within 10% of the cost? (Internal Variance in Product Costing)

There are universalities that seem to cross people and cultures, such as, it’s polite to say “please” and “thank you.” These universalities also occur numerically. For example, designs that follow the Golden Ratiopop up all over the world. Many other aspects of one group versus another may vary, but there are these universal touchstones that pervade the Read More!

Mar 042013
DARPA false!?  80% of Cost is Not Controlled by Design?

  We are still on our epic quest to find the DARPA study (a.k.a. the legendary seminal study reported to say that ~80% of product cost is determine in the first ~20% of the product lifecycle).  However, during our search we have been aided by Steve Craven from Caterpillar.  No, Steve did not find the DARPA Read More!

Feb 212013
It's not the club... it's YOU!   (Lean = Vertical Integration = Better Product Cost Management Part 2)

Last week we talked about the struggle in corporate strategy between Core Competency structures and Lean manufacturing. Whereas Core Competency thinking naturally leads to more outsourcing and extended supply chains, Lean manufacturing would advocate for a geographically tight supply chain, often with more vertical integration. So, what does this have to do with Product Cost Read More!

Feb 192013
New! IndustryWeek Article by Hiller Associates: Product Selection versus Product Development (What the product development team can learn from shopping on has just published a new article authored by Hiller Associates title: Product Selection versus Product Development (What the product development team can learn from shopping on  Synapsis: The process of product selection that people do in their personal lives (e.g. shopping on Amazon) is strikingly similar to the process of product development that Read More!

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